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A Few Things Take Into Consideration When Getting A Roll Off Dumpster in Dallas, TX

The number of cubic yards that can be held by a bin is how dumpster sizes are calculated. For instance, a 10-yard container will be able to contain 10 yards of debris or waste materials. More often than not, container sizes range from 10 yards to 40 yards in 10-yard increments. Estimating the volume of debris that will be produced by a job can be very problematic, it is normally a smart move to call a container rental provider in Long Island to help you in figuring out the size that is best for the task you are taking on. Following are some additional rental ideas that could be useful to you:

Even if the container will be set on a concrete or asphalt drive, consider putting plywood below the roll off’s wheels to assist in preventing damages to the drive.

Things That Shouldn’t Be Placed in a Roll-off Container

  • Paint cans
  • Motor oil or automotive fluids
  • Batteries
  • Medications or medical waste
  • Anything with freon, petroleum or gas
  • Lawn fertilizers or swimming pool chemicals
  • Bleach or household cleansers

When the clean up of the garbage or debris that came from your project has been loaded in the roll off canister, you can now call your rental company and they are going to pick up the unit and have it hauled off to the recycling center, transfer station or landfill.

Dumpster Sizes


◾Kitchen and bathroom renovations (small)

◾Deck removal (250 square feet)

◾Roof shingle removal (1500 square feet, single layer)


◾Basement, garage, attic clean out

◾Carpet or flooring removal (big house)

◾Deck removal (400 square feet)

◾Roof shingle removal (3000 square feet, single layer)


◾Any major additions to your home

◾Building of a new house

◾Demolition of a garage

◾Siding or window replacing (small to medium house)


◾Siding or window replacing (big home)

◾Demolition debris, garbage, cardboard

◾Big house construction or renovation

◾Commercial or office clean out

◾Commercial or house siding tear off

As with any guidelines, you need to use your best judgment. However, should you have any doubts or are still unsure when it comes to the proper size container to suit your task give us a call and we can easily help figure out what best meets your requirements.


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Best place in Texas to rent a dumpster in Dallas, Texas. Rick at NLCS is wonderful and dropped the dumpster perfectly without messing up the driveway!
Best dumpster company in Dallas, Texas! Always delivers the dumpster on time and they clean up the mess around the dumpster.
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